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Weddings, birthdays, funerals, dinner guests etc.
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Under juli månad endast beställning för 10 personer eller fler

Utkörning ingår inom en radie av 25 km från Bjästa

Phone: +46 660 22 05 40

Our coveted

Sandwich cakes

Prisexempel räk/skinktårta för avhämtning

10 pers 440 kr
15 pers 580 kr


Hot buffet

Utkörning ingår vid beställning av 10 portioner eller fler

Bacon-wrapped pork fillet
Pesto chicken in Italian sauce
Garlic-milled carrots
Potato gratin
Green salad
Mango dressing
Bread & Butter

160 kr/port


Cold buffet

Utkörning ingår vid beställning av 10 portioner eller fler

Roast beef rolls with horseradish cream cheese
Chili marinated chicken fillet
Potato salad with feta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes
Melon salad with bulgur
Mango dressing
Bread & Butter

160 kr/port


Catering menu


Shrimp stir-fry on crispy salad, home-baked bread SEK 45

Horseradish-filled roast beef steaks on Italian country bread SEK 49

Sandwich pastry with ham SEK 49

Salmon rolls filled with pepper fresh cheese get crispy sourdough bread SEK 55

Rensteksröra i tunnbrödsrulle på ruccolabädd 59kr

Main courses (incl. Salad)

Minced meat steak, cream sauce, lingonberry jam, potatoes SEK 90

Chicken in Greek sauce, base matrix SEK 95

Chili cheese stuffed chicken fillet Herb-milled vegetables, mango sauce, diced potatoes SEK 115

Bacon-wrapped pork fillet, pepper sauce, potato gratin SEK 125

Herb & tomato marinated pork fillet Motellets Bearnaise sauce, oven-roasted root vegetables SEK 125

Salmon topped with feta cheese / sun-dried tomatoes, sauce vette, potatoes SEK 139

Char fillet Potato puree au gratin topped with shrimp, hollandaise sauce SEK 179

Beef fillet Roasted with garlic butter, bacon-wrapped carrots, raw fried potatoes SEK 185


Blueberry cake with vanilla sauce SEK 40

Draft cake with dust blanket, whipped cream SEK 45

Mint chocolate panna cotta with raspberry top SEK 49

Orange chocolate mousse topped with cointreaum marinated strawberries SEK 55